Master Shedder Rail Jam 1.7.2012 Event Photos

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January 7th, 2012 the inaugural Master Shredder Rail Jam took place at Powder Ridge in Kimball, Minnesota about an hour northwest of the Twin Cities. The event was masterminded by local rail skiing legend, Steve Janisch. With a tagline of “A celebration of the set up” and Minnesota, like much of the skiing states lacking any good natural snowpack, it was the perfect time for a ski area event of this magnitude to put smiles on the faces of dozens of skiers craving snow.
Skiers came together to show that this has the makings to be the Midwest’s new staple annual event. 5 progressive features (plans for 6 were reduced due to lack of snow and time), 20 minute jam format at each feature to perform the best tricks and spark riders creativity. Street-like scenarios with the access of a towrope and surroundings that created a chill jam style session with everyone pushing each other.
Top 3 skiers from each feature made it to the 5 run finals with every run scored. The winner, Willie Borm, received the cash purse and is now the “Master Shredder”! All finalists went home with gear provided by sponsors.
“If you have ever wanted a creative hit at your local park’s traditional rail lines, if you never make it out to those street spots, if you want to prove your rail mastery, then don’t Miss Master Shredder. A celebration of the setup!” -Skier Steve Janisch
1. Willie Borm
2. Kory Kirby
3. Matt Halverson
4. Cody Shenkelberg
5. Nate Gilman
6. Kyle Shenkelberg
7. Ryan Johnson
Other Finalists (remaining result orders will be posted here when we get them)
John Knopf
Finn Histon
Tyler Smith-Coppes
Cole Histon
Karl Bekkala
Sam Kulberg
Craig Weiler
Bri Gohman
Courtney Osbourne
Aaron Hunter
Event Video coming soon to along with the some of the bangers to be included in our first show this season on January 26, 2012.

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