Behind the scenes w/ Harlaut and Casabon

In late June 2012, Henrik Harlaut of Sweden and Phil Casabon of Canada made their way to the hot and humid state of Minnesota to finish up their latest ski movie “The Education of Style”. As Henrik and Phil are light years ahead of most skiers behind the editing chair they both had already laid the foundation for their edits down in FCP, then the master Shane Nelson got to work making their dreams come to life on screen. That meant shooting a for a few days to finish out the movie. Here is what one day looked liked in production of The Education of Style with B-dog and Edollo.

Some of the filming for Phil’s segment took place in the woods in the backyard of filmmaker Eric Iberg’s parents house. After finishing up Phil’s shoot around 3pm, we headed out to shoot Henrik’s lifestyle shots around various Minneapolis locales. Our first stop was an urban underside of a bridge that crosses the Minnehaha Creek.

From the Minnehaha Creek we headed towards the iconic Stone Arch Bridge with a stop at the airport along the way. Have you ever seen the blue glass rocks?

One last stop by the Hennepin Ave bridge and that was a wrap for the day.

A few days later it was time to shoot Henrik’s opening scene with local young skier Paddy Flanagan. In the scene Henrik drops some knowledge to little Paddy. Check out an article about the movie and a few photos from the shoot day at Hyland on ESPN here.

The Education of Style releases August 14th it is available to purchase here. Henrik and Phil told us they have plans to come to Minnesota and ski at some of the local areas this upcoming winter of 2012-2013.

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