DOD #2 – Double backflip ski eject

D.O.D. = Digger of the Day

New series of video posts coming this season to While crashing sucks and we all are trying not to fall skiing, unfortunately it happens. Perhaps you can learn what went wrong in this series of videos and avoid doing what these guys did.

Digger of the Day #2 – Double backflip ski eject
Skier: Chris McKeever
Video: Matt Koskinen
Date: March, 2011
Location: Breckenridge (sidecountry), Colorado
Digger Description: Chris McKeever ventured into the powdery sidecountry with demo skis. His bindings didn’t quite hold up and he nearly go torpedoed by his own ski. If you are going to hit pow jumps, make sure you don’t use demo bindings. As they say “folks don’t try this at home.”

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  1. Pamela G November 26, 2012 at 11:37 pm #

    glad it didn’t bump him in the noggin!! that was close!

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