2014 Photo and Video Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who took part in the contests this year! Here are the winners.

2014 Best Ski Photo

 Kenny Jorgenson Wild Channel Gap – Photo by Nick Schoess

1. Kenny Jorgenson Wild Channel Gap - Nick Schoess

Kenny Jorgenson Wild Channel Gap – photo by Nick Schoess
Words from Nick Schoess “This photo is a photo I shot of Kenny Jorgenson at Wild Mountain in late March 2014. He’s throwing a nice, styley left 5 over the massive channel they had set up. It’s about a 60 foot gap from lip to landing. It was warm out that day and just literally perfect. No wind and about 33 degrees. The snow was just fast enough to be able to hit this thing. Kenny is skiing some old K2 Extremes from like 2010 that he bought off Craigslist for $200 with some Marker Griffins on them. He pulled the heel piece out like 2 days before this and epoxied it back in just in time to come out and stomp some huge tricks over the channel. Lastly, thanks for putting on the photo contest! It’s gonna be super fun to see a bunch of sick MN ski photos!
Photo was shot at ISO 100, f/22 @ 1/1600th on my Rokinon 8mm fully manual fisheye attached to my Canon 70d.”

2014 MNREP Photo Award

Spirit Gaper Day Crew – photo by Nathan Myers

13. Spirit Gaper Day Crew - photo by Nathan Myers

Spirit Gaper Day Crew – photo by Nathan Myers
Words from Nathan Myers “Thought I might add another photo into the mix. This is one from Spirit Mountain here on what will probably be the last day of the season for us. The whole crew out in gaper gear. From left to right Andrew Ahlstrom, Ben Morine, Rex Nelson, Jesse Pai, Nathan Myers”

2014 Best Season Edit

Matt Kaye 2013-2014

2014 MNREP Video Award

Duluth – An Urban Edit

Thanks again to everyone who entered their photos and videos. The Season Edit category was the toughest to judge but in the end we had to give to the incomparable rail skills of Matt Kaye. Stay INSPIRED Minnesota!